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Breed Name: Hint Horozu (Turkish Aseel)
Habitat: Turkey
Classification: Malayoid

Background information:
Aseel also can be found in Turkey. These are known as "Hint Horozu". This meaning "Cock from Hindustan" which clearly points out the origin of this breed. According Turkish sources these Aseel were introduced in Turkey at the time of the Ottoman empire (14th century) by merchants and seafarers. In type "Hint Horozu" are a bit out of line and display features seen at Reza,large South and North Indian Aseel. In weight Turkish Aseel differ from 5.5 to 10 Lbs (2.5 to 4.5 Kg). They reach a height of about 25" (65 Cm). Hint Horozu are fought in natural spurs. However, before the fight gets on the sharpness of the spurs and the beak is taken away using sandpaper. In Turkey, a "Hint Horozu" cock is seen as a symbol of strenght, fertility and manhood. Every year big tournaments are organized in the cities of Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir and Antalya.

Sources: Werner Lamkemeyer Jr (Germany)

Abdulkadir Temel (Izmir/Turkey)

CLEOPATRA. Babon Turkish Aseel/Hint Horozu Import, spesialis solah super cepat dengan pukulan komplit keras kejam mematikan memberondong terus sampai lawannya KO....sampai bulan ini kami telah menurunkan banyak anakannya yang menjadi jawara...Warna Telurnya HIJAU seperti Telur Bebek.....silahkan kunjungi kami, salam kukuruyuuu....


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  1. Mas firdaus tak telpon x sepuluh ora diangkat piye pitik mu isih ono ra ?